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Weight Meter
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Inspired by "The Hacker's Diet"
   Weight Meter App
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Templating (this page)
   Perl 5
   Python 1.5+
XML (this page)
   PHP 3
SHA (this page)
   PHP 3
   Perl 5
Delphi Stuff (this page)
LaTeX Makefile and Assorted Tools

LaTeX is a wonderful typesetting system, and I use it every day. Building a document from LaTeX can be an arduous task, however, so I created a makefile to make it easier.

Additionally, I created a class file as a PhD student at BYU that makes writing compliant thesis and dissertation documents easier. While not of general interest to everyone, it is well commented and easy to follow, making it simple to use as a template for other class files you may want to create. Writing class files seemed a lot like black magic to me until I wrote this one, and hopefully my experience can make the process more accessible to others.

All of the LaTeX software that I have written is available on this page.

Template Engine

Generates output based on templates and values in your code. Written with HTML and XML in mind, but works for just about anything text-based.

XML in PHP 3

XML files are a pain to read and write, but this makes it easier by producing a data structure that is easy to manipulate and traverse in PHP.


Of particular interest is the JavaScript implementation of SHA here, since combining it with a server-side script version allows you hash things like passwords in the web browser, send the hash over the wire, and verify it on the server side without ever sending the actual password. There are still problems with this approach, of course, but it does provide some interesting possibilities.

Delphi Components (very old)

I started using Delphi when it first came out for Win32. I played around with it a lot and created these components. The first simply puts a hole in a form. Drop it on, and the form has a hole in it. The second makes a split window. These are really old, so they probably aren't useful to anyone anymore, but here they are.

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